About Us

About Karmaa Solar

Karmaa Solar is Fastest growing reliable company providing solar power solutions. It is an integrated firm providing Solar EPC Turnkey Solutions,Installations services and O& M services. We develop solar power plants & rooftops on a Capex Basis. We can install solar power plants on almost any roof type (concrete, metal etc.) as well as on unused land within your premises.
Karmaa Solar Carries out the following,
2.Engineering, Procurement & Installation of Solar Power systems.
3.Erection & Commissioning.
4.Operation & Maintenance.
Karmaa Solar has management of able members having wide exposure in energy sector including Solar. The management of the company have expertise in their respective fields and are always updated with latest trends in solar field.


Karmaa Solar shall be a professionally-managed Indian company, committed to total customer satisfaction and enhancing values of individuals. Karmaa Team shall be an innovative, entrepreneurial and empowered team constantly creating values and attaining Renewable Energy benchmarks. Karmaa Solar shall foster a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting expectations of employees and society.


• We are committed to develop and upgrade our resources, knowledge and manage related services in the field of Team work, Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, On Time Delivery.
We shall strive to achieve this through:
• Understanding and meeting Interested Parties needs and Expectations.
• Effective Implementation of Quality Management System through risk based approached.
• Standardization of System and Procedures.
• Reviewing measurable Quality Objective and Performance for all functions, Levels, Processes.
•Continual Improvement through Process Innovation and knowledge Management.


“To make India’s economic development energy-efficient with the help of Ministry of new and Renewable Energy” Over a period of time, we must pioneer a graduated shift from economic activity based on fossil fuels to one based on non-fossil fuels and from reliance on non-renewable and depleting sources of energy to renewable sources of energy. In this strategy, the sun occupies centre-stage, as it should, being literally the original source of all energy. We will pool our scientific, technical and managerial talents, with sufficient financial resources, to develop solar energy as a source of abundant energy to power India’s economy and to transform the lives of our community. Our success in this Endeavour will change the face of India. It would also enable India to help change the destinies of people around the world. Karmaa Solar would also dedicate it’s efforts in raising community awareness about the benefits of solar energy.


• Productivity in services.
• On Time Delivery.
• Process Innovation.
• Safety.